How to Make A Clever Shaker

Hey there clever crafters!

Lizzy here with a little shaker card tutorial using the fun Happy New Year image that was kindly given to us from our generous sponsor this month The Paper Shelter.

Before we get into how I created this card I want to take a second to tell you about our new challenge here at Clever Dexter.

On the first of each month our new challenge begins with a new sponsor, new theme and new color palette.

We hope these 3 variables inspire you to create a fun new project each month!  Enter your project in our challenge for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor of the month. 

Clever Dexter Challenge #1 for January will close on the 31st so get those entries in for a chance to win 3 stamps from The Paper Shelter!

FYI - You do not need to use a stamp from The Paper Shelter, nor do you need to follow our color palette to enter the challenge and qualify for the prize.  However if you do use a stamp from The Paper Shelter you will be included for our TOP 3 drawing!



glitter, sequins & gold stars
Craft Foam
Glitter Tape
Gold Foil Leaf
Foiling Adhesive
Glossy Accents
Exacto Knife
Scor Tape (double sided tape)
Your favorite coloring medium | I used Twinkling H2O watercolors


I really enjoyed how this stamp set comes with both a colored version and black & white version of the stamp itself but it also comes with this beautifully designed digi paper that coordinates perfectly with this image.


For my card I used the black & white version of the image with the coordinating paper. I printed out 3 sheets of the paper and the image was printed just once.  I printed everything out on one 12" x 12" piece of mixed media paper then cut the individual pieces out with my exacto knife.

I used my scissors to fussy cut the image out,  then from one of the background sheets I cut the inside of the white shape to create a window for my shaker.  From the second background sheet I fussy cut out the gold border from around that white shape keeping just the gold border and ditched the rest.  The third background sheet I left alone.


Using the white shape that I cut from the first background sheet I traced the shape out on a piece of craft foam that I had cut to be the same size as the background sheets. I then used my exacto knife to cut the shape out of the foam.  

Using Scor Tape I adhered the foam to the third sheet of background paper so all you see is the white shape thru the window created in the foam.  
(the third sheet of background paper was the only one I didnt cut out of)


I cut a piece of acetate just slightly bigger then the window

Using a permanent fine liner I roughly traced a rectangle on the acetate so I knew where to cut.  This doesn't need to be perfect, just as long as it covers the window completely with enough overhang to adhere it to the foam. 

I used my scissors to cut the acetate out along the lines I created with my fine liner.


I wanted the edges of the foam inside the shaker window and the outer edges of the foam square to be gold so using a gold ink pad I inked the edge inside the window and getting gold ink all over the white foam in the process,  however it did not give me the effect I was looking for. 

At this point though, I became concerned about the contents of the shaker getting between the foam and the paper.  To prevent that from happening I used my Glossy Accents to put a fine bead all the way along the inside edge of the window where the foam meets the paper.


Still not loving the gold ink job I did on the foam I finally had an idea bubble pop above me...... 


I spread the adhesive glue around all of the edges of the foam. The trick to getting this right is to ensure that you give the adhesive a bit of time to get tacky.  Basically it goes on kind of white and milky looking and as it dries it goes clear.  

DO NOT attempt to put the foil on until the adhesive is clear.  I apply it by placing the gold foil on the adhesive then using a soft dry paint brush to brush away the foil.


Now the fun begins......its time to fill that shaker window with pretty things!

I wasn't going to leave the gold foil bits from the foil leaf but I decided I really liked how it looked so I left it and added a bit more. I also added gold stars, super tiny gold stars, chunky gold glitter, gold confetti tubes and just a tiny bit of turquoise sequins.


I added Scor Tape around the edges of the window and attempted to put the acetate down into place however as I lowered the acetate down into place it was like a magnet as the contents of my shaker all floated up to attach themselves to the acetate!

What we had here was a static cling mess!

I used my anti-static bag to solve the problem. If you want to make your own anti-static bag check out my tutorial showing how for just a few dollars and about 10 mins of my time I created my own.

With the static out of the way I placed my acetate over the window. 

Then with a bit of Scor Tape I placed the background sheet with the window cut out of it over the foam.

NOTE*** I did not have nearly enough shaker stuff inside my shaker, I didn't realize this til a bit later on in this project but luckily I was able to pull the bottom right corner up a bit to add a little more of everything I had already put inside.


I used my Twinkling H2O watercolors to paint up this adorable fairy.  On the front of the card I added a strip of gold glitter tape.

At this point I took the gold border that I had cut out of the other background sheet and added gold ink to all of the edges of it on both sides.

I used these foam adhesive pads to place the border to frame the shaker window. I also used them to adhere the fairy to the front of the card.

To complete the front of the card I added a strip of decorative border along the top and bottom of the gold glitter tape.  I took some iridescent glitter stars and adhered them all over the front of the card with glossy accents.

I then cut a piece of pink cardstock 12" x  6" and scored it down the center and folded it in half.  

I had a piece of minty green wordy cardstock that I thought matched the card nicely so I cut it in 2 and placed it kitty corner between the pink cardstock and the foam card to frame it up a bit.


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